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7 years in the making, Tchornobog was first conceived in 2009. It can be described as a psychopathic vessel to elaborate the various metaphors of religion, psychological disorder, and auditory hallucinations of the human animal. The purpose of the project was for myself to assume the body as an empathetic creature to understand both the Self and the attempts to find meaning in the world.

"Tchornobog" is not a worship of the Slavic "Black God," but rather a sarcastic evaluation as well as a psychological study of the auditory hallucinations that have empowered creative strife through a barren wasteland. It is a result of heavy meditation in a desert landscape from the perspective of a vessel mountain which harbors a nest for the Mind's Eye to be imprisoned. I witnessed -- without any hope of my eye closing -- the terrible sensory overload of the black vomit of Tchornobog. The recordings provided here are a sonic journal of the metaphorical events and the interpretation of humanity's mind as a whole.

"TCHORNOBOG" is the first chapter in a book of many events in a universe born off the ashes of the inner pupil.

...Perpetually disemboweling... self devouring...
...Self devouring...perpetually disemboweling...
...Perpetually disemboweling... self devouring...
...Self devouring...perpetually disemboweling...


releases February 28, 2020

All instruments, concepts, and vocals composed by Markov Soroka.
Percussion & acoustic drums executed by Magnús Skúlason of Svartidauði.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Studio Emissary by Stephen Lockhart in Reykjavik, Iceland, 2015.

To be released as a triple assault on LP and CD via Fallen Empire Records, Invictus Productions, and Dark Descent Records.


Additional vocals on "The Vomiting Tchornobog" and "Non-Existence's Warmth" performed by Greg Chandler of Esoteric and Priory Recording Studio.

Saxophone on "Non-Existence's Warmth" was played by Sofia Hedman in Sweden, recorded by Alex Purkis of Craft.

Hannar Gretarson is attributed to the performance of the trumpet and cello instruments.

We hereby recognize Lillian Liu for her creative piano playing techniques and the baby grand jazz piano in Song III, "Non-Existence's Warmth."

Elizabeth Barreca & Markov Soroka are the Vomiting Choir.


Adam Burke of Nightjar Illustration is to thank for all visual paintings and arrangements of the Tchornobog entity.

Nona Limmen is responsible for the Vomitus ritual cave photography of Markov taken in Iceland, 2015.

Karmazid is the illustrator of the Tchornobog logo, 2015.



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I am a vessel to the stories I write.

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