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Черный Свет

by Krukh

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Стоны, Стоны, Истомные, бездонные, Долгие, долгие звоны Похоронные, Стоны, Стоны... Узел туже, туже, Путь все круче, круче, Все уже, уже, уже, Угрюмей тучи, Ужас душу рушит, Узел душит, Узел туже, туже... Господи, Господи,— нет! Вещее сердце верит! Боже мой, нет! Мы под крылами Твоими. Ужас. И стоны. И тьма...
Where do we go-when we search through our words, the sounds of perfect diction, to cover up the fact- a rhyme is just a rhyme. That we as writers- live in an intolerable fiction, doomed to feel and know- that ink, is just a waste of time. Stroke of pen, tap of key; lost in addition attached to bespoke stories, like vultures of memories. Picking apart a soul in search of our own, where the few who know what the forgotten have seen, still lie awake and cry for what could have been. Where the convalescent stand trapped, between the Walrus and the Carpenter; between the king and Lady Macbeth. Hope robbed through sleight of hand, or perhaps poisoned by-the milk of human kindness. A plan is just a plan, flesh is flesh and man is man. A specific bite of encroaching blindness, Lucifer fell from divine lands, losing a paradise-tragically we as a brethren, lost.



The follow-up release to Krukh's ,,Безглуздість!'' album is conjured through a process of fragmentation. Unforeseeable difficulties including the theft of a studio laptop and hard drives on the road has given new-found vigor to create. Rather than cast the two into the void, we have decided to create this release using scavenged parts.

Черный Свет is broken up into two parts, making it the shortest conceptual release to date. With certain leaning towards the debut's melancholic-yet-aggressive sound, the release is meant to further express existential frustration through a first person narrative.

"Господи, Господи,— нет!
Вещее сердце верит!
Боже мой, нет!
Мы под крылами Твоими.
Ужас. И стоны. И тьма..."




released November 4, 2019

N. Salimbayev - Lead guitars
M. Soroka - Bass, Guitars, Vocals
S. Eldridge - Drums

Lyrics by N. Salimbayev.
Front cover by Karmazid.

Mixed and mastered by M. Soroka, 2019.
In cooperation with Vigor Deconstruct.


all rights reserved





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