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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat Feels like sinking Favorite track: Drowned III: Kuril Kamchatka.
Alexander Vikhrestiuk
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Alexander Vikhrestiuk Soul-crushing funeral doom with a subtle melodic touch. Unsleep will slowly drag you into the pitch-black underwater depths, and you will not be able to resist its pull. Simply outstanding. Favorite track: Drowned I: Stem.
Aodhan Bulger
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Aodhan Bulger Since Aureole's Alunar came out on tape and I first listened it through on my walkman, I've been impaled on the stake that is Aureole. Now with Slow, which I only just started listening to late yesterday, it is the perfect slow, "funeral" doom to me. I personally think funeral doom is rarely done right - this is the exact opposite of that. It *is* everything done exquisitely correctly. It really does feel like drowning, and is a perfect soundtrack for when I just need to sink into my depression. Favorite track: Drowned I: Stem.
@CelticFrosty thumbnail
@CelticFrosty I don't know how he managed it, but this literally sounds like sinking slowly into the deepest part of the ocean and drowning peacefully. From Markov Soroka, the same artist behind Aureole.
Kyle Waymire
Kyle Waymire thumbnail
Kyle Waymire I'd never encountered an album I could say sounds like drowning until this one, and its beautiful. In a community that focuses most often on space or forest atmosphere's its fascinating and refreshing to hear one that actually sounds like its underwater, and it does. When you listen you feel like you're sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean as jellyfish and leviathan thunder around you, but you feel at ease with it.
10/10 Favorite track: Drowned II: Unsleep.
Jdude thumbnail
Jdude Haunting and engaging. Headphone music in the dark. Favorite track: Drowned I: Stem.
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    Artwork by Luciana Nedelea
    Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

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Blessed is the one who does not sleep.

Enter the body of a man who takes his own life and drowns. He may have escaped his slave masters, but the eternity and solitude spent after shows quite clearly that the ocean is not just sparkling lights and lack of oxygen... Body-loss, unsleep, mental decay, and eternal solitude tears at the fate of the color-bound.

In partnership for a CD pressing with Black Plague Records and Metallic Media.


released April 13, 2014

Markov Soroka - Composition, Lyrics, Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Production.
Nick Tingle - Drums and Percussion.
Charles Wong - Drum recording.
Luciana Nedelea - Artwork
Christophe Szpajdel - Logo



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I am a vessel to the stories I write.

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Track Name: Drowned I: Stem
My legs give way into the water.
Doves shall not sing for me
Vultures shall turn their heads

Half of the body is gone
A dark sea begins to take form
I drown...

I am the one who wins.

Air tears at the color-bound
Nothing but churned black, white...

I bargain my body for eternal sight.

My last breath falls on deaf ears.
Track Name: Drowned II: Unsleep
Blessed is the one who does not sleep.

My lungs fill with water, I cannot feel this.
My sights become nightmare incarnate
Dark turns into light
Everything is one.

My mind drips secretion
I feel my visions wash away
Nothing at a loss.

I drown...
Track Name: Drowned III: Kuril Kamchatka
The man who does not question himself

will always worship himself.

I was one driven by icon and country
Now torn asunder,

my deities exit through my mouth

as parcels of thin air.

Time stands still.
I am at the depths.
There is nothing here.
I am alone.

Surronded by thoughts
I am confronted by an image
a reflection of myself

It stares into my eyes
and disappears forever more.
No longer human am I
A skin with nothing more to experience...

I drown...
Track Name: Drowned IV: Kermadec
...I drown...
Track Name: Drowned V: Mariana
I am the one who wins.

...I drown...